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The Hoosier Way Forward

by September 30, 2020

The 2014 Indiana General Assembly doesn’t start until January 2nd, but legislators are already planning their moves. That means we are planning our moves as well.

Indiana NORML, PUC NORML, Southwest Indiana NORML, Indiana Medical Marijuana Advocates, and … read more

What About the Children Now?

by September 29, 2020

How far would you go to save your child? Joe, Erica and Emily Rollins have tested that idea.

The Rollins family moved from Indiana to Colorado to get Cannabis medical treatment for their daughter Emily. Emily was having literally hundreds … read more

Marijuana Legitimization

by September 26, 2020

Relegalization is a many pronged approach. Not only do we have to convince government officials to do what’s right, it has to be openly accepted by the community at large. We are getting there, maybe not quite here in Indiana … read more

SW Indiana NORML shines on Kokomo radio WWKI !

by September 18, 2020

Excellent job on Kokomo radio WWKI by Gina Perry and Steve Eisenhauer of SW Indiana NORML! Had a couple of prohibitionists call in…one was completely incoherent, the other sounded rather schizoid. I do believe we captured Kokomo this morning!

(posted … read more

Why You Should Support Relegalization of Marijuana

by July 18, 2020
  • Indiana spends $150 Million dollars every year locking up pot smokers.[1]
  • Marijuana is not a dangerous substance. Studies by institutions such as the Institute of Medicine[2] and the Rand Corporation[3] have proven that Marijuana doesn’t lead to
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Speaking Truth, Not Lies

by June 5, 2020

The job of a Journalist is to first and foremost, tell the truth. If you are writing something controversial, you owe it to your readers/viewers to thoroughly investigate your sources. If the truth can not be determined, you either don’t … read more