Indiana NORML Chair to be listed in Who’s Who

by November 12, 2020

We have just found out that our own Neal Smith, Indiana NORML Board of Directors Chairperson, is to be listed in the international Who’s Who as a prominent Cannabis Activist.  Congratulations, Neal!  Your longstanding and continuing efforts to relegalize cannabis … read more

The Hoosier Way Forward

by September 30, 2020

The 2014 Indiana General Assembly doesn’t start until January 2nd, but legislators are already planning their moves. That means we are planning our moves as well.

Indiana NORML, PUC NORML, Southwest Indiana NORML, Indiana Medical Marijuana Advocates, and … read more

Speaking Truth, Not Lies

by June 5, 2020

The job of a Journalist is to first and foremost, tell the truth. If you are writing something controversial, you owe it to your readers/viewers to thoroughly investigate your sources. If the truth can not be determined, you either don’t … read more

From 54% to 56%! A new Howey Report

by April 23, 2020

This is the text of a press release issued on 4/23/13 by Indiana NORML.

According to a Howey Report poll released on April 23, 2020, 56% of Hoosiers favor at least decriminalization of Marijuana for personal, adult use. This is read more

What It’s Going To Take Revisited

by March 29, 2020

The Indiana government is going backwards when it comes to Marijuana reform, and in spite of the efforts of dedicated activists, it’s not enough.

We are fighting many enemies. We are vastly outnumbered by cops, prosecutors, judges, politicians, corporations, all … read more

Indiana NORML Statement on H.B. 1006


Indiana NORML is disappointed in our Hoosier Senators for taking backwards steps on the Cannabis issues.

We are still trying to find out precisely what are the motivations behind this retrograde, as well as the precise wording of the proposal. … read more