Study: Most Medi-Pot Patients Prefer The Plant Over Pills

by November 7, 2020

The results of a first-of-its-kind worldwide survey of nearly 1,000 medicinal cannabis consumers shows that most patients prefer their medicine in the way that nature, not Big Pharma, intended it to be.

Investigators from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and the … read more

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More Cannabis Support…from the U.S. Government!

by October 16, 2020

While they’re soft pedaling the language, the National Cancer Institute, a division of the National Health Institute, is in support of Cannabis as a medicine.

With the track record of the federal government, it’s surprising and very significant that a … read more

Study: Non-Psychoactive Plant Cannabinoids Possess Synergistic Anti-Cancer Activity In Leukemia Cell Lines

by October 15, 2020

The concomitant administration of various non-psychoactive plant cannabinoids demonstrates synergistic anti-cancer activity in human leukemia cells, according to preclinical trial data published online this week in the journal Anticancer Research.

Investigators from Saint George’s, University of London assessed the … read more

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What About the Children Now?

by September 29, 2020

How far would you go to save your child? Joe, Erica and Emily Rollins have tested that idea.

The Rollins family moved from Indiana to Colorado to get Cannabis medical treatment for their daughter Emily. Emily was having literally hundreds … read more

Research continues in foreign countries.

by September 22, 2020

This country, with all of our resources, needs to pull its head of its arse and get with it.

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Medical Marijuana Historical Timeline posted at

by September 20, 2020

Neal here…There are a couple of things missing, like John O’Shaunnesey, the fact that Eli Lilly developed a strain called “Cannabis Americana” in 1903 in Greenfield, Indiana, and a couple of other things, but this is a pretty good … read more