Because Women Are NORML Too – Part II

by October 29, 2020

There’s an air of cognitive dissonance about it, that a woman, especially a nurturing, professional woman, could both smoke pot and not be Jim Breuer in Half Baked was, to many, a revelation.” Emily Dufton, The Atlantic (10/28/13)… read more

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Another Poll Showing We Are the Majority

by October 16, 2020

Every poll in the last 2-3 years has shown the majority want and end to Cannabis prohibition. This Esquire Magazine poll has some very interesting other social data as well, within the confines of their “Center” of society scope. more

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Support for Marijuana Legalization

by October 8, 2020


They say things are bigger in Texas and, according to new survey data just released by Public Policy Polling, that includes support for marijuana law reform.

PPP’s polling found that 58% of Texans support regulating marijuana like alcohol and only … read more

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Colorado Now Accepting Applications For Retail Cannabis Outlets

by October 2, 2020

The state of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division yesterday began accepting formal applications from those seeking to open the first-in-the-nation retail cannabis outlets.

The agency had accepted 23 applications by mid-day yesterday, according to The Denver Post. The agency has … read more

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What About the Children Now?

by September 29, 2020

How far would you go to save your child? Joe, Erica and Emily Rollins have tested that idea.

The Rollins family moved from Indiana to Colorado to get Cannabis medical treatment for their daughter Emily. Emily was having literally hundreds … read more

Marijuana Legitimization

by September 26, 2020

Relegalization is a many pronged approach. Not only do we have to convince government officials to do what’s right, it has to be openly accepted by the community at large. We are getting there, maybe not quite here in Indiana … read more