Survey: Most Americans Say It Is “Unacceptable” For An Employee To Be Fired For Their Off-The-Job Marijuana Use

by November 13, 2020

Nearly two-thirds of Americans disagree with workplace policies that allow employers to sanction an employee for his or her off-the-job consumption of cannabis, according to a just released HuffPost/YouGov poll.

Sixty-four percent of the poll’s respondents, including 62 percent … read more

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Study: Most Medi-Pot Patients Prefer The Plant Over Pills

by November 7, 2020

The results of a first-of-its-kind worldwide survey of nearly 1,000 medicinal cannabis consumers shows that most patients prefer their medicine in the way that nature, not Big Pharma, intended it to be.

Investigators from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and the … read more

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Because Women Are NORML Too – Part II

by October 29, 2020

There’s an air of cognitive dissonance about it, that a woman, especially a nurturing, professional woman, could both smoke pot and not be Jim Breuer in Half Baked was, to many, a revelation.” Emily Dufton, The Atlantic (10/28/13)… read more

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Intuit Does Not Advance NORML to Round 3 in Super Bowl Ad Contest

by October 28, 2020

normlbowlToday, Intuit announced the 20 finalists who moved on to Round 3 of their “Small Business, Big Game” contest. Despite finishing first in the initial round of public voting (Intuit removed the ability to sort by vote popularity during the … read more

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HISTORIC HIGH: 58% of Americans Want Marijuana Legalized

by October 22, 2020

Gallup released new polling data today that shows an overwhelming majority of Americans want marijuana to be legalized. According to their survey, 58% of Americans support legalizing marijuana, while only 39% are opposed. This is up significantly from the last … read more

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Washington State To Begin Accepting Applications In November From Marijuana Retailers

by October 16, 2020

Washington state regulators today finalized rules to govern the state’s nascent marijuana retail market. Beginning on November 18, regulators will begin formally accepting applications from those seeking state licenses to commercially produce, process, and sell cannabis to those age 21 … read more

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